Verbs – Inflection

Verbs are words that are used to denote action, an occurrence or a state of being. Primarily, they are known as action words and used to denote actions.

Some Examples:

Vignesh plays cricket.

Shrikanth eats ragi balls for breakfast.

Anil Kumble bowls well.

In the above examples, the words plays, eats & bowls are verbs. They describe the actions the subjects were doing.

Verbs change their form to denote tense, aspect, mood & voice. This change of form is called inflection.

For example:

He plays cricket – Present Tense

He played cricket – Past Tense

He will play cricket – Future Tense

In the above examples, the verb play changes form to indicate when the action took place. The verb can be inflected for all the three persons:

Verbs Inflected for Tenses

And for the two numbers in the Present Tense

Verbs Inflected for Number for the Present Tense

And for both tenses and number:

The Verb Play inflected for Person & Number


Or more elaborately:

The Verb Play inflected for Person & Number - Elaborate

Notice that the verbs change form only for the Third Person Singular. This is true for all Action Verbs.