Subject – Verb Agreement – 4

Collective nouns always take singular verbs.

The team is ready for the match.

The team arrives in five minutes, and I will be in the airport to receive them.

The suburban community is upset due to the rise in crimes.

Her entourage is on its way.

Her entourage consists of the most promising individuals of this decade.

The government is not to be trusted, because its policies are detrimental to the people of the country.

The class is dismissed because the students are unruly.

The archive needs to be deleted, as it contains computer programs that are not longer used.

The government has broken its promise to improve healthcare services for the poor.

The furniture is broken.

The furniture needs to be replaced.

The bee swarm was spotted by the farmers, when it was miles away!  (swarm is the subject, hence singular verb)

The bees were spotted by the farmers, when they were miles away!  (bees is the subject, hence plural verb)




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